Digital Technologies: Research and Educational Practices in Languages for Specific Purpose. No 15 (2015) Autumn (July-Desembre)

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No 15 (2015): Autumn (July-Desembre)
Monograph: Digital Technologies: Research and Educational Practices in Languages for Specific Purposes

Coordinated by: Françoise Olmo Cazevieille (UPV) and Jean-Marc Mangiante (Université d'Artois)

Table of Contents


Students’ comments about university teaching: which links with effectiveness models? PDF
Marie Bocquillon, Antoine Derobertmasure, Frédérique Artus, Marc Demeuse 1-11

Attitudes toward technological resources in the classroom of the future teachers PDF
Rosabel Roig-Vila, Santiago Mengual-Andrés, Claudia Sterrantino Asmussen, Patricia Quinto Medrano 12-19

The social climate in the classroom between repeaters and peers through Agent SocialMetric PDF
Roxana Silvia Giandini, Mariana Falco, Antonieta Kuz 20-28

A Bibliographic Review About Pedagogical Uses of QR Codes PDF
Fernando Gómez Gonzalvo, Rodrigo Atienza Gago, Mónica Mir Daud 29-37


Formative Assessment in Higher Education: A Comparision Betweet Students of Two Music Education' Subjects at the Faculty of Education in Segovia PDF
Inés María Monreal Guerrero, María de la O Cortón de las Heras, David Carabias Galindo 38-45

Formative peer assessment: improving competences in Statistics students PDF
Manuela Alcañiz Zanón, Helena Chuliá Soler, Carme Riera Prunera, Miguel Santolino Prieto



Editorial N.15 PDF
Françoise Olmo Cazevieille 55-56


Interclass network: a collaborative project through digital technologies PDF
Françoise Olmo Cazevieille, María-José Labrador Piquer 57-65

Use of digital ink technologies to facilitate student-teacher interaction in a German course for engineers PDF
Daniela Gil Salom, Jose Vicente Benlloch Dualde 66-73

Telecollaboration in a secondary school context: Negotiation of meaning in English as a lingua franca/Spanish tandem interactions PDF
Begoña Clavel Arroitia, Barry Pennock-Speck 74-81

Mobile Language Learning based on pedagogical criteria PDF
Rafael Seiz Ortiz 82-89

Implicature in educational blogs. A pragmatics approach PDF
Eva M. Mestre-Mestre 90-96

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