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13 Awesome Things You Can Do with Google Now. OK Google. Yang Ao Wei 楊翱維 ... voice #mlearning

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare titulada "13 Awesome Things You Can Do with Google Now."de Yang Ao Wei 楊翱維
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Hello! I’m from Singapore! I’m an avid reader and the slides which I’ve prepared and posted here are basically the summaries of stuff which I’ve read about. Doing the summaries help me crystallize the concepts and ideas about the topics which I spend time indulging myself in. "Knowledge is meant to be shared!" is something I strongly believe in. I do hope you pick up something useful by spending your time looking at my slides. ^_^ Feel free to drop me some comments ya!
Google Que nos presenta así :
Now has become a big part of the Android experience and will likely be even more prominent in time to come with its new updates.

That is why it's about time to get familiar with all the possibilities Google Now has to offer.

In this deck, I'm particularly highlighting the Voice Commands, which can be categorized into 2 types - Voice Search & Voice Actions.

I hope you find this info useful and would be able to start using the fantastic functions on your Android device right after you read them!
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