#MOOC4D #MooKIT The Commonwealth of Learning launches new #MOOC platform

Hoy traemos a este espacio la nueva plataforma de la Commonwealth de MOOC

The Commonwealth of Learning launches new MOOC platform

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has launched its new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Development portal. This online service is built on the idea that offering a MOOC should be as easy as taking one.

Interested partner institutions can use the portal to create and offer their own MOOC with up to 10,000 registrations per course.

This online service: 
  • Allows learners in low bandwidth situations to access a MOOC.
  • Enables a learner to receive the audio track of learning materials on her/his phone.
  • Allows participation course discussions using Twitter or Facebook.
  • Provides sophisticated analytics to the instructors to help track learner participation and performance.
It is powered by mooKIT, a MOOC platform built by COL's partner, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK). Interested partners can contact kmadmin@col.org for starter steps.

Nos preguntamos, también,  que es un MOOC on #MOOkit


MOOCs have attracted a lot of attention in educational and planning circuits, since they have the potential to deliver quality without exclusivity. But we need a powerful platform to deliver a MOOC. Projects like openedX have put out very good platforms, but have one major drawback – complexity. They are complex to host and manage, complex to change and adapt to local needs and also expect highinternet-maturity from the end-user.

At IIT Kanpur we have been looking at MOOCs since 2012, and having delivered two MOOCs using Sakai, we felt the need for a ‘modern’ MOOC management system which address all the above needs.mooKIT is the result.
mooKIT is a lightweight MOOC Management System conceived, designed and developed at IIT Kanpur with the following principles:
Content first, platform next - intuitive and easy to use
Course creation and navigation should besimple
Highly customizableto multitude of users
Multi-platform (supports mobiles, tablets, etc.)
Efficient with server resources (should not cost a lot to run)
Integrated with a Telephone exchange
Completely built on open source platforms

mooKIT has been since successfully tested with three courses (MOOC on MOOC, Arch for Cloud, ICT Basics) and has received very good feedback. We have received several enquiries about using mooKIT.
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