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Hoy traemos a este espacio esta encuesta de la Amrita University School of Business, que hemos encontrado por ahí sobre MOOCs que nos piden rellenemos para su oportuna, imagina, tabulación e investigación ... así que abajo os dejo el enlace al Google Form ... y aquí un copypasteo de las preguntas ,... que ya tenemos experiencia despues de 12 añitos ya de blogcito, en eso de que luego desaparezcan las webs , los enlaces, las imágenes, los documentos ... y no quede constancia de cosas de interés


Dear Friends,MOOCs are free online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via web which will help you in enhancing your domain knowledge. Also it helps in learning about any domain in which you are interested for (e.g photography,analytics,philosophy etc).
The main advantage of using MOOCs are it is free of cost, and also the courses can be taken at our own convenience.
We are trying to find out what motivates Indians to enroll in MOOCs. And also the factors that helped him in completion of MOOCs.

    Please choose any one of the following

    What type of internet connection do you have?

    What is the speed of your internet connection?

    What is the bandwidth limit for your internet connection?

    How many courses you have enrolled in MOOCs? 

    Esta pregunta es obligatoria.

    Which is the platform you have enrolled?


    What type of courses have you enrolled?
    eg. Finance, IT, Medicine, Technology, Psychology, Science, Arts, Business Management

    What is/are the reason for enrolling in MOOCs?


    What did you expect from the MOOCs course before enrollment?


    How many the enrolled courses you have completed? 
    If you have not completed at least one, Kindly ignore the next question

    Esta pregunta es obligatoria.

    If you have completed at least one course, rate the following factors that played crucial role in completion of the course

    I really liked the freedom to do the course and read as i felt like

    Course structure was very organised

    Reading material and video material complimented each other very well and so i didn't require additional course material

    Assignment / quiz questions were very standardized

    Course material was accessible all the time

    If you have dropped out from at least one of the enrolled courses, What is the reason for your dropout from MOOCs?


    If you have not completed at least one course, what other factors de-motivated
    If you have completed all the enrolled courses, please ignore this question

    Browser incompatibility is an issue

    Too much text content in the course is tiresome

    Too much video content is taxing on my connection since it is slow

    There are no checkpoints in my course which discourages me from joining(Checkpoints are midway play pause buttons helping you to learn the course content in bits rather than as a whole)

    I look for downloadable content while joining a course

    I want my course to have more audio files than text files

    What are the additional motivational factors for joining MOOCs?

    Professional needs (MOOCs course equips the person with necessary skill required for completing a project/course/job responsibility)

    Preparing for the future(Impress potential employer)

    Experiment with different courses to find course of interest in college

    Satisfying curiousity

    Connecting with people

    I require expert advice during the course

    How do you rate the following factors of the course which you have enrolled?


    Course Content


    Evaluation Criteria

    Assignments were good and challenging 

    Tutors were good

    Overall Satisfaction

    Other factors that motivated you to enroll in MOOCs?
    regarding technicalities

    I consider my bandwidth limit before joining a course which videos or data consuming parts.

    I want the course to be compatible with my browser so that i don't have keep changing settings or download different browsers to study online.

    I don't want to download too many plugins to study an online course?

    I see downloading to many plugins ,browser incompatibility or untrusted downloads as a security issue.

    Indicate to what extent each of the following statements corresponds generally to the reasons why you do different things

    ... in order to feel pleasant emotions.

    ... because I do not want to disappoint certain people
 order to help myself become the person I aim to be

    ... because I like making interesting discoveries

    ... because I would beat myself up for not doing them

    ... because of the pleasure I feel as I become more and more skilled

    ... although I do not see the benefit in what I am doing

    ... because of the sense of well-being I feel while I am doing them.

    ... because I want to be viewed more positively by certain people

    ... because I chose them as means to attain my objectives.

    ... for the pleasure of acquiring new knowledge

    ... because otherwise I would feel guilty for not doing them

    ... for the pleasure I feel mastering what I am doing.

    ... although it does not make a difference whether I do them or not

    ... for the pleasant sensations I feel while I am doing them

    ... in order to show others what I am capable of

    ... because I chose them in order to attain what I desire

    ... for the pleasure of learning new, interesting things

    ... because I force myself to do them

    ... because of the satisfaction I feel in trying to excel in what I do

    ... even though I do not have a good reason for doing them

    ... for the enjoyable feelings I experience

    ... in order to attain prestige

    ... because I choose to invest myself in what is important to me

    .. for the pleasure of learning different interesting facts

    ... because I would feel bad if I do not do them.

    ... because of the pleasure I feel outdoing myself

    ... even though I believe they are not worth the trouble

    Recommendations for what will motivate Indians to enroll in MOOCs courses better

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