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RUSC Vol. 11 No 2 Special Issue. #Elearning en las disciplinas de economía y empresa

Hoy traemos a este espacio  a la revista RUSC y su nuevo número especial

RUSC Vol. 11 No 2 Special Issue

E-learning is broadening education horizons all over the world. With this in mind, this first Special Issue of RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal is to focus on innovations and practices applied to teaching environments and fields of knowledge connected with Economics and Business in an online environment. It has been edited by Alison Sheridan from Australia’s University of New England; Donald E. Hanna, Professor Emeritus of Educational Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Extension, and four members of faculty from the Business Studies Department at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Josep M. Batalla, Eva Rimbau, Enric Serradell and Àngels Fitó.

Full Issue

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Table of Contents

Editorial Special IssuePDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) PDF (CATALÀ)
Josep M. Duart, Rosalind James1-2

Special Section

E-learning in Economics and BusinessPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Josep Maria Batalla, Eva Rimbau, Enric Serradell3-12
The competency profile of online BMA graduates viewed from a job market perspectivePDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Àngels Fitó Bertran, María Jesús Martínez Argüelles, Soledad Moya Gutiérrez13-26
Social networks as tools for acquiring competences at university: QR codes through FacebookPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Pedro Román-Graván, Ángela Martín-Gutiérrez27-42
Self-assessment via a blended-learning strategy to improve performance in an accounting subjectPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Vanesa Gámiz Sánchez, Rosana Montes Soldado, María Carmen Pérez López43-56
Learning by comparing with Wikipedia: the value to students' learningPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Antoni Meseguer-Artola57-69
Cooperative learning in higher education: differences in perceptions of contribution to the groupPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Francisco Jareño, Juan José Jiménez, M. Gabriela Lagos70-84


Review of "Aprender en red. De la interacción a la colaboración"PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Ana María Rodera Bermúdez85-89
Review of "Bases, mediaciones y futuro de la educación a distancia en la sociedad digital"PDF (ESPAÑOL)
Sonia Santoveña Casal90-92

RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal is an e-journal coedited by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) and itseLearn Center, and the University of New England (Australia) and its dehub.
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