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ePIC 2013. 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference

 Welcome to ePIC 2013, the 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference

Contemporary media (digital, social and mobile) is transforming the landscape of identity, education and employment. The centralised, top-down, mass media model on which most of our institutions are based is facing assaults from the emerging decentralised, bottom-up, networked, agile social  knowledge media. While old  power centres are being challenged, new ones are emerging: they are based on the systematic collection, analyse and exploitation of the mass of data produced in our daily life. And we are busily coding our actions and thoughts for Google and Facebook to monetise them. In this context, how can we create the conditions for the emancipation of individuals towards a truly open society?
To reflect the need to address those issues, the  tittle of ePIC 2013 is Open Me!
Open ePortfolios, Open Badges and Open Identities will be among the key discussions.
Join us at ePIC 2013, the 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference, 8-9-10 July 2013, at the IET, Savoy Place, London.

Call Calendar

Important dates for the Call for Contributions
11 March
Deadline for abstracts submission
15 April Authors notification of acceptance*
10 June
Deadline for the submission of long/short papers
8-10 July
30 August
Deadline for final version submission
Publication of the proceeding
* Once accepted as presenters, authors need to register as presenter in order to be included in the programme.

Themes: Open Me

Following the rich discussions triggered by the presence of Mozilla Open Badges at ePIC 2012, the 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference intends to explore further the concept of 'openness' in relation to the themes traditionally addressed by the conference. In particular, as ePortfolio and Open Badges are containers of personal data, what is their place in what some predict as the next big revolution:  open personal data?


  • Initial Education — ePortfolio from kindergarten to further and higher education
  • Employability, Organisational and Lifelong Learning — ePortfolio from employees to self-employed and entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare Education and Practice — ePortfolio from patients to healthcare professionals (special track)
  • Assessment, Accreditation and Recognition — ePortfolio for knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Policies — ePortfolio and identity initiatives from a single institution to a whole country
  • Identity Construction — ePortfolio, social networks, web 2.0
  • Technologies — identity and ePortfolio tools, platforms, systems, architectures, protocols and standards
  • Open Badges — making learning and competencies visible and discoverable (Special track)

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