A Geography of Twitter. [infographic]

Aquí os dejo este mapa sobre, de
Author(s):Dr Mark Graham
Monica Stephens
Published:19 June 2012
License:Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND]
que nos presentan así
 Online social media has become an integral part of daily life for many Internet users and there are now hundreds of millions utilising these services around the world. Concomitant with this growth of usage is a desire by companies, government agencies, and academics to study and map the data trails left by people using services like Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. The data shadows and information trails left by users online reveal social, economic, and political processes and practices. Twitter, in particular, is repeatedly used as a repository of social data because of its relatively open network that allows researchers access to almost any information published through the platform. Yet, despite the many studies (both inside and outside of academia) that draw on data from Twitter, there is little scholarship devoted to the geography of Twitter...(leer más...)

Fuente: [oii.ox.ac.uk ]