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 Hoy traemos a este espacio la Digital Agenda Assembly. Connect, discuss and collaborate on the digital Agenda for Europe ... yo ya me registré .. veremos pa qué ... pero que eso qué es? ...

This is an online space for discussion and peer-to-peer collaboration to prepare the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 ("DAA12"), on 21-22 June in Brussels, as well as the review of the Digital Agenda for Europe ("DAE"), planned for adoption in October. Such a space was the most requested feature in the feedback to the Assembly 2011.
In this platform there are 10 discussion groups on key DAE topics, most of which correspond to workshops that will be held at DAA12 (groups 1 to 8) plus 2 other ones (groups 9 and "other issues"). Each discussion is animated by a moderator and has a dedicated (hash)tag.

How can YOU participate?

In this platform, you join the group(s) that you are interested in and react to the questions from the moderator or you raise other issues yourself.
In other forums (Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare, Wordpress, Twitter, etc), you post contributions using the relevant "tag" so the contributions can be aggregated in the "tagosphere" section of each discussion group in this platform.

Why contributing, what will that change?

There are at least four reasons for all those interested in the DAE to contribute:
1. Make your input visible: the results of the online debate will be regularly reported, on this platform and otherwise by the European Commission. The moderators will identify the most valuable contributions indicating who made them unless the person doesn't want to.
2. Contribute to DAA12: the main results of the online debate will be presented and discussing at DAA12. Not every one interested will be able to attend physically DAA12 in June, also because the places are limited, but every one has the possibility to participate to DAA12 through their online contributions. And all those attending DAA12 are strongly encouraged to also contribute online to ensure a fruitful meeting in June.
3. Attend DAA12: persons providing contributions with the most added value will be invited to attend the DAA12 in Brussels, if they wish so and were not already invited by the European Commission. Each moderator will have up to 5 DAA12 places to grant by 30 May 2012.
4. Contribute to the DAE review: the main results from these online discussions on key DAE topics will also feed the review of the DAE, which the European Commission is currently preparing and plans to adopt in October 2012, also drawing on the feedback received at the DAA12 in June. For this reasons, European officials responsible for the DAE will participate in this platform and interact with other people interested in the DAE.

About us This platform is a temporary online space that complements the DAE official website, containing much information on the DAE (managed by the Directorate-General "Information Society and Media" of the European Commission) as well as other European Commission efforts to promote and implement the DAE.
The site is managed and maintained by P.A.U. Education and Tech4i2 as European Commission contractor on this project.

Tenéis 10 grupos

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