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Emergent Learning, Connections, Design for Learning. Vol 12, No 7 (2011) IRRODL

Hoy domingo para una lectura reposada... traemos a este espacio al Vol 12, No 7 (2011): Special Issue - Emergent Learning, Connections, Design for Learning de la revista  IRRODL The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 12, Number 7 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rod Sims, Elena Kays i-vi

Research Articles

Designing for learning: Online social networks as a classroom environment HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Gail Casey, Terry Evans 1-26
Pointillist, cyclical, and overlapping: Multidimensional facets of time in online education HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Pekka Ihanainen, John Moravec 27-39
Emergent learning and interactive media artworks: Parameters of interaction for novice groups HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Marta Kawka, Kevin Larkin, Patrick Alan Danaher 40-55
Aligning the quantum perspective of learning to instructional design: Exploring the seven definitive questions HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Katherine Joyce Janzen, Beth Perry, Margaret Edwards 56-73
A pedagogy of abundance or a pedagogy to support human beings? Participant support on massive open online courses HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rita Kop, Hélène Fournier, John Sui Fai Mak 74-93
Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Inge de Waard, Sean Abajian, Michael Sean Gallagher, Rebecca Hogue, Nilgün Keskin, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Osvaldo C. Rodriguez 94-115

Research Notes

"Chaos rules" revisited HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
David Murphy 116-134
Emergent, self-directed, and self-organized learning: Literacy, numeracy, and the iPod Touch HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Carlo Antonio Ricci 135-146

Book Notes

Book review - Telecollaboration 2.0: Language, literacies and intercultural learning in the 21st century HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Nataly Tcherepashenets 147-150

Full Issue

IRRODL Volume 12, Number 7 PDF

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