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Language resources and Web 2.0: the latest hype or new perspectives? . Foro de


Hoy traemos a este blogcito el espacio de comunidad de, (lo único que me preocupa es que son foros moderados... una opción como cualquier otra pero que personalmente no comparto) y concretamente, para ejemplificarlo en uno de sus lugares de participación el foro titulado :

Language resources and Web 2.0: the latest hype or new perspectives?
-Is web 2.0 the future of language learning or just another method among many?
-Is the influence of web 2.0 resources on learning practices being overrated, as happened with media in the 70s?
-How do language resources evolve together with communities in social media applications?

Welcome to this moderated forum to debate on the challenges (and controversies) of social media and their role in the development of language resources and in empowering language learning communities.
Are you a language learner? A language teacher? A teacher trainer? A developer of educational content? a decision maker?

“Language resources and web 2.0: latest hype or new perspectives?” was the title of the webinar that took place on October 1st 2010.The FULL RECORDING is accessible here:
This forum discussion aims to expand the real-time debate by giving more opportunities to exchange on an asynchronous mode.

This forum exchange will last two months (October- December 2010) and will have as a result 3 key issues and 3 recommendations in relation to the topic of language resources in the web 2.0 era.

European network Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues

Info about the network:
For the EU network Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues - LS6 network -, social media is a genuine field of transition, evolution and exploration of boundaries between social networking tools, human activity and learning, namely language learning. The real challenge of the network is to engage a dialogue between experienced key players and the world outside, to enhance interaction with people who would not benefit from exchange if the network approach were less inclusive. (leer más...)

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Ana - sindrome de asperger dijo...

Exacto, la web es una poderosa plataforma para divulgar cualquier cosa que se nos ocurra, depende de los politicos prohibir o no.


eraser Juan José Calderón Amador dijo...

dependerá, en todo caso de lo que le digamos a los políticos q prohiban o no... no?