martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

first monday . Volume 14, Number 12 - 7 December 2009

Aquí estamos en el workshop universidad expandida... ayer llegamos nevando, estamos cansado así q ya hablaremos en un descansito... mientras tanto dar constancia del nuevo número de la revista first monday ... cuyo

Volume 14, Number 12 - 7 December 2009

Table of Contents

Political protest Italian-style: The blogosphere and mainstream media in the promotion and coverage of Beppe Grillo's V-day Abstract HTML
Alberto Pepe, Corinna di Gennaro
Search engine use behavior of students and faculty: User perceptions and implications for future research Abstract HTML
Oya Y. Rieger
The self-Googling phenomenon: Investigating the performance of personalized information resources Abstract HTML
Thomas Nicolai, Lars Kirchhof, Axel Bruns, Jason Wilson, Barry Saunders
Three strands in a braid: Identity interaction in social software Abstract HTML
Cynthia Kurtz
Public lives and private communities: The terms of service agreement and life in virtual worlds Abstract HTML
Debora J. Halbert
Use of social networking by undergraduate psychology majors Abstract HTML
Caleb Wayne Lack, Lisa Beck, Danielle Hoover

A Great Cities Initiative of the University of Illinois at Chicago University Library.

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