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Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies.

Dentro de Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection ... Aquí os dejo hoy un enlace a "Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies" que se nos presentan así:

This book is a collaborative effort of students from universities in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States all collaborating during the fall of 2007 on a book titled “Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies” (also known as the “WELT”). Anyone is welcome to join us in our efforts here.

Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies

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[edit] Part I: Foundations

[edit] Part II: Learners

[edit] Part III: Instructional Design and Pedagogical Issues

[edit] Part IV: Environments and Tools

[edit] Part V: Fostering Successful Learning with Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs)

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