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Haiku LMS: Version 4... el 4 de agosto disponible nueva versión

Como hace mucho que no traemos nada de plataformas, aquí tenéis la noticia de la nueva versión de haiku ,(me encanta su nombre... se llama como nosotros de segundo eraser_haikus).
¿que qué trae de nuevo...? . En su web nos lo explican

What’s in Version 4?

For all users:

  • Portal - an aggregated page of information from each of a user’s active classes including Recent Scores, Grades, Announcements, Calendar Events and even custom HTML (for your school specific links and messages).

  • Roster Sections – our response to an oft requested method to manage several classes/rosters of students in one Haiku class! Excellent for individualized learning, team teaching or shared curriculum needs.
    Use Sections to:
    • Team teach or manage several class rosters, but maintain one set of lesson plans.
    • Associate rosters from other classes, so that when the roster in the other class changes, the roster in this class changes as well.
    • Provide individualized instruction if you have a group of individuals that need different due dates then the rest of the class.
    • Manage separate Class Calendars for different sections of users.
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Fuente: [haiku lms]

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