viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Aplicaciones para el iPhone para profesores. iPhone app for Teachers - Coming Soon!

En este caso, hoy traemos a Educate, de iKonstrukt:
Educate is an iPhone/iTouch application designed to support teaching professionals in schools, universities and colleges.

Plan your lessons:

Educate's inbuilt weekly planner keeps all your planning in one place. Personalise your weekly timetable and plan for individual lessons all from a single interface.

Implement effective teaching strategies:

Access easy to follow strategies for engaging students in your lessons. Choose from a variety of individual or collaborative activities directly aimed at improving learning outcomes.

Monitor student attendance and progress:

Quickly and easily track student attendance or performance in all your classes via ready made scales. Update records as you teach and export to your PC, Mac or Learning Management System

Collaborate with other Educate users:

Use your Facebook account to connect with other Educate users to discuss pedagogical practice, suggest application features and seek support.

Engage with eLearning:

Post content to your Moodle learning space, anytime, anywhere. Also, access critical tools such as a voice recorder for anecdotal notes, a camera that allows you to tag images and a stopwatch for time-critical tasks.(leer más...)

Fuente: [educate]

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