lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

togetherLearn: Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche y Clark Quinn

Hoy me he encontrado con esto en mi rss... resulta que Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche y Clark Quinn han formado una alianza llamada togetherLearn para ayudar a las organizaciones para innovar en aprendizaje. Noticia muy interesante por lo que tiene de sinergias, de organización a raiz del conocimiento, en un apunte de futuro, ... organizaciones más libres, redes...más abiertas, más lábiles ... aunque ... bueno... eso será para otro posteito.... ;-)

Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche, and Clark Quinn formed togetherLearn to help organizations innovate in learning. We are outspoken advocates of curriculum-free, interactive, self-service learning. Organizations call on us to grow ecologies where work and learning are one and the same, where people help one another build competency and master new crafts, where members of self-sustaining communities of professionals participate because they take pride in maintaining their standards and doing a great job, and where all strive to be all they can be. Open, participative, bottom-up, networked, flexible, responsive: that’s learning with business impact.

We currently have our hands full:

  • performing a large-scale needs analysis for a breakthrough learning network for physicians
  • advising numerous corporations on how to promote cost-effective self-service/just-in-time approaches in lieu of instructor-led workshops
  • installing social network learning platforms to support universities, conferences, and professional communities
  • building scenarios for the future of learning to accompany new, open, flexible models of business and society
  • giving presentations, publishing articles, convening groups, and working with organizations to spread our vision of collaborative learning
Se presentan así en su home:

Is your organizational learning working?

TogetherLearn works with managers, directors, and executives (e.g. CLO’s) in charge of organizational learning.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that training alone isn’t sufficient anymore, and they’re struggling with how to not just cope, but increase organizational relevance. They need to not only hone the ability to execute, but they need to innovate as well.

A strategic approach to coupling Informal learning as an adjunct to the formal training is increasingly recognized as the solution to improving performance.

Companies are finding that social media enables: employees to
• self-help
• collaborate, and
• innovate,
and also open up clearer and more valuable conversations with customers.

TogetherLearn brings 4 of the world’s foremost thinkers on organizational learning infrastructure together to provide a more comprehensive approach to accelerate performance, in a focused and effective way.

Browse the site for details on how we can help you improve performance. Check out our blog for the latest in TogetherLearn thinking.

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