lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Haiku learning systems and announce partnership

HAIKU Learning Systems, Inc., developers of Haiku LMS has entered into a partnership with Curriki, an online, social entrepreneurship organization that supports the development and free distribution of open source materials to improve education worldwide.

Haiku LMS is a northern Indiana-based on-demand learning management system designed specifically for K-12 educators. It allows educators to custom-design online lesson plans complete with images, audio and video, as well as facilitate online discussions and assessments, post grades and attendance, collect homework and communicate with students and parents. features more than 22,000 learning assets in its repository and offers easy-to-use tools to add, mix and remix curriculum free and open source content.

“This is the first step in what will be a very robust content authoring and sharing partnership with Curriki”, said Allen P. Angell, President and CEO of HAIKU Learning Systems, Inc. “In 2009 we will further intensify our partnership by providing Haiku LMS users with one-click access to the vast resource of curriculum content that Curriki offers. And the greater Curriki community will benefit when Haiku LMS users contribute their own content back to the Curriki website seamlessly.”

We are thrilled to be integrating access to Curriki’s repository and tools into HAIKU LMS”, said Barbara “Bobbi” Kurshan, Curriki’s Executive Director. “By creating a one-click connection between this powerful LMS and Curriki’s open source content, HAIKU users will have a unique and powerful combination of an intuitive drag and drop learning management system and a robust repository of free and open high-quality curriculum and professional development content.”(leer más...)

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Javier dijo...

Con este artículo te has lucido. ¿Qué quieres explicar?

eraser dijo...

simplemente trasladar a mis lectores, por si no lo sabían, que Curriki y Haiku entran en colaboración... que establecen una alianza... sin más...
el lucimiento o no queda fuera del planteamiento... algunos sabran lo que es curriki y no que es Haiku... dejo los enlaces a las respectivas organizaciones... para mi es suficiente...