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World Wide Web Foundation. Tim Berners-Lee y la web 2.0? (I)

"I think in general it's clear that most bad things come from misunderstanding, and communication is generally the way to resolve misunderstandings, and the Web's a form of communications, so it generally should be good. "

"Web 1.0 was all about connecting people. It was an interactive space, and I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means. If Web 2.0 for you is blogs and wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along. "

developerWorks Interviews: Tim Berners-Lee (podcast/audio plus transcript)

Aquí os traemos hoy a La Fundación World Wide Web , que dice pretender:

  • para avanzar en una web libre y abierta,
  • para ampliar la capacidad de la web y su solidez,
  • y ampliar la red de beneficios a todas las personas del planeta.

World Wide Web Foundation Concept

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, who envisioned an open, universal information system connecting all people. Although that system has become the most powerful medium for communication and commerce the world has ever known, a number of obstacles stand in the way of even greater usefulness:

  • The Web is a complex system of social and technological forces that is not fully understood. In order to increase the impact of the Web, we must deepen our knowledge of when it works and why it fails.
  • The Web is in its infancy. As technology evolves, it must remain well-integrated so that change does not lead to instability. New technologies must remain free, open, and capable of meeting the information needs of humanity.
  • Only about 20% of the world's people access the Web. Even for those who do have access, more can be done to enable people to collaborate and share information in order to meet basic human needs.

Almost twenty years after he invented the Web, Tim Berners-Lee is leading the effort to create the World Wide Web Foundation ("Web Foundation") as the next phase of fulfilling his original vision: the Web as humanity connected by technology.(leer más...)

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