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Vol 3, No 3 (2008) International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

"No hay saber más o saber menos. Hay saberes diferentes."

"Lo que me sorprende en la aplicación de una educación realmente libertadora es el miedo de la libertad."

"El mundo no es, el mundo está siendo."

Paulo Freire

Aquí os traemos el sumario del último número del internationa journal:emerging technologies in learning.
Vol 3, número 3

A Pilot Project – From Illiteracy to Computer Literacy: Teaching and Learning Using Information Technology Abstract PDF
Mohamad Adnan Al-Alaoui, Mesrob I. Ohannessian, Ghinwa F. Choueiter, Christine Akl, T. Taline Avakian, Ismail Al-Kamal, Rony Ferzli pp. 4-9
Peter Karlsudd pp. 10-14
Assembling content into dynamic learning objects versus authoring of e-learning courses. Abstract PDF
Jeanne Schreurs, Bart Vanhove, Abdullah Al-Zoubi pp. 15-20
Item Modeling Concept Based on Multimedia Authoring Abstract PDF
Janez Stergar pp. 21-26
Interactive Numerical and Symbolic Analysis: A New Paradigm for Teaching Electronics Abstract PDF
Jean-Claude Thomassian pp. 27-32
Ad-hoc Composition of Distributed Learning Objects using Active XML Abstract PDF
Werner Wetzlinger, Andreas Auinger, Christian Stary pp. 33-39

Short Papers

Games and Multimedia in Foreign Language Learning -Using Back-story in Multimedia and Avatar-based Games to Engage Foreign Language Learners: A Pilot Study Abstract PDF
Lili Teng Foti, Robert D Hannafin pp. 40-44


The Trade Fair: Introducing ESP Multimedia at a Technical University in Taiwan PDF
Shu-Chiao Tsai, B. Davis pp. 45-55


6th International Conference on e-Learning Applications PDF
Call for Papers p. 56
Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility - ICTA 09 PDF
Call for Papers pp. 57-61

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