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Software freedom day 2008: Resources for Schools. 20 septiembre 08

Aquí os traemos hoy unos enlaces al software freedom day y dentro de ellos a recursos para escuelas... Pero me pregunto si pensáis que es suficiente una distribución , sea la que sea de Linux, con algunos programas educativos para darnos por satisfechos, o realmente deberíamos tender sobre todo a la producción en red de material educativo...desde todos los lugares del mundo para crear un repositorio mundial de recursos glocalizados?...evidentemente esa sería una apuesta interesante.
Que qué es eso del software freedom day?... así lo explican:

Software Freedom Day is an event with hundreds of teams from all around the world running local events to help their communities understand Software Freedom. Check to see if there is already a team registered in your area. Perhaps there was an event in your area in previous years. If you want to form a team and run an event, simply check out the StartGuide and start pulling your team together and planning today!

All teams simply register online to be part of Software Freedom Day. Get your team leader to create your team page and then register the team.

Be sure to check out all the information on the Home Page that will give you all sort of useful links and ways to participate, like joining mailing lists and more. The StartGuide will give you all you need to know to ensure you have an awesome event, and make sure you update your SFD team page so people can find you.

If you are interested in helping out at a global level, get in contact with the SFI board.

Lastly, encourage your friends, family and associates to come to Software Freedom day, and use the opportunity to chat to them about software freedom matters, even to non-geeks :)

Happy Software Freedom Day!

Concretamente traemos también esta página bajo el título:Resources for Schools

Our objective for 2008 is to better support schools to host Software Freedom Day events. For schools already making use of FOSS, it is a great way to help their community understand what and why they are doing this and to involve their FOSS communities in the process. This page is for collating media resources that could be useful to schools and SFD teams generally. Please feel free to add your ideas and resources to this space.

Ideas for school based celebrations:

Plan events to take place in the week leading up to Software Freedom Day on Sat 20 Sept.

Students can make:

  • Flyers about different open source applications. Contribute back to the open source projects to engage kids, and make the experience authentic.
  • Posters - Use graphic applications to make posters promoting Software Freedom Day events around the school - and around the world. Get kids to create posters for different teams around the world - and upload them to the software freedom day website. Is there a team near your school? Check the map!
  • Articles can be written in a range of languages for the school newsletter.
  • Make a video or animation advertising Software Freedom Day. Include creative commons music inspired by 'freedom' themes also provides an opportunity to talk about the wider philosophy of open access to knowledge and legal sharing.
  • Prepare a speech and presentation for the school assembly.
  • Design CD covers for, download and burn copies of the Open Education Disc to give away - ask for gold coin donations to help cover the costs of the materials - the software is free to share, but the CD costs money.
  • Order free Ubuntu CDs from or download the image and burn copies at school.

  • Prepare demos and screen-casts on how to use Free software such as Firefox, OpenOffice, Gimp, Inkscape and Audacity.(leer más...)

Fuente: [ software freedom day 08 imagen vía Photos from the Arica, Chile SFD Event, 2007]

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